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Haunted Toledo’s Terrifying Encounter At The Collingwood Arts Center

The Paranormal Toledo convention at the Collingwood Arts Center in September of 2017 left a long-lasting impression on many who attended. Some more than most, actually. The Collingwood Arts Center is, perhaps, the most haunted building in northwest Ohio. Everyone who has spent any time hunting the legends of Collingwood has generally ended up walking away with an experience they won’t soon forget. That’s the kind of impact Collingwood makes on a person.

If you experience something strange at the Collingwood Arts Center, it is truly unforgettable. The memory will remain fresh in your mind for years to come. Everyone has a story to tell about the Collingwood Arts Center.

One of the stories that has been making the rounds for the past couple of years is the story of the paranormal investigation team that was attacked in the basement. This unknown group of investigators and the terror they encountered at the Dead Room has entered into Collingwood’s folklore and become one of the most talked about incidents in recent years. That team was us, Haunted Toledo, and I’m finally ready to share what really happened to us that night.

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