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Our Mission

Since 2012, Haunted Toledo has sought to gather, explore, and preserve the stories concerning Ohio’s paranormal history and folklore. Our goal, where possible, is to trace these legends as far back to their original source material as possible since many of the legends being shared today are far different from the versions which were shared decades ago.

We feel the preservation of these legends, and the history that surrounds them, is important as many of them are being lost to progress and urban development. Land is being bulldozed, buildings torn down, businesses sold, etc. Haunted Toledo seeks to document and investigate as many of these legends as possible before they are lost and forgotten forever.

We also enjoy making regular appearances to share the history and folklore of our region with the general public. This can involve putting together presentations featuring a variety of local legends, hosting public ghost hunts, and participating in events sponsored by members of the “paranormal community.”

Haunted Toledo also continues to play an active role in the community by volunteering with appropriate local charities, churches, non-political fundraisers, and other community events.