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From Easy Wins to Genuine Discoveries: The Quest for Credible Paranormal Evidence

The paranormal has a captivating charm that sparks our imaginations, giving us glimpses into the mysterious and unexplained. This is a field of study that brings with it an incredible array of challenges that make it extremely difficult to document credible evidence of the paranormal. These frustrations can cause researchers and investigators to build their…

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Haunting the Algorithm: Why Clickbait Titles Undermine Genuine Paranormal Inquiry

In an age dominated by digital platforms and attention-seeking strategies, paranormal investigators confront a moral dilemma. The seduction of clickbait titles, promising encounters with “evil,” “demons,” and “skinwalkers,” seems like a tempting opportunity to boost viewership and attain online popularity. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that yielding to these tactics undermines the fundamental principles…

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