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Haunted Toledo Visits The “Bone House”

Okay, so you’ve all heard the Haunted Toledo Crew visited the mysterious “Bone House” on Newton Street this past Saturday (back in September of 2017).

As you know, NBC24 reported that the owner discovered an amazing amount of animal bones hidden inside the walls and floors while renovating the building. Oddly enough, many of these bones had tool marks – they were cut or sawed before being placed inside the walls and floors.

After having made this gruesome discovery, the owner claims that he began experiencing supernatural phenomena while inside the house. Footsteps, whistling, banging noises, and strange photographs. Fearing that these bones, as well as the claims of haunting activity, were evidence of some kind of ritual activity inside the house, he reached out to Haunted Toledo to come in and take a look. And we did.

We still have some more media to evaluate, but we put together this short video to give you an idea of what went on that night.

We utilized a variety of different tactics to document any potential paranormal activity, including provocation. As I said, there’s still a bit more media to evaluate, but we wanted to give our fans a glimpse inside the Newton Street “Bone House”.

Watch the video for more on the Bone House.

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