Return Ward: His Evil Lives On

Ohio’s most chilling ghost story, a tale of murder and supernatural unrest, unexpectedly unfolded in the suburban heart of Sylvania’s downtown district. Five distinct locations in this serene setting claim connections to haunting phenomena, attributed to the spirits of a murdered wife and her assailant. The eerie narrative dates back to 1857, when Return Ward,…

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Inside The Bell Tower of a Haunted Church

Haunted Toledo had the opportunity to explore the claims of paranormal activity taking place inside one of Lucas County’s most historic churches. Among the claims inside this church are mysterious sounds of movement that are sometimes heard coming from the catwalks hidden high above the church’s arched ceilings. Join Haunted Toledo investigator, Ryan Osenbaugh, on…

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Sarah Talks About Her Experiences Exploring The Haunted Commodore Perry Building

In October of 2017, the Haunted Toledo crew had the outstanding privilege to investigate the paranormal claims surrounding the Commodore Perry building in downtown Toledo, Ohio. In this installment of Tea Time with Chelten, Sarah talks about her experiences and impressions while investigating the abandoned floors of this very historic building.

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