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Raw Evidence Files Released On Patreon

On February 28/29, 2024, we experienced one of the most incredible encounters to date. It occurred at the Randolph County Infirmary in Winchester, Indiana.

At about 1:30am, Ryan and I were venturing into the men’s corridor on the second floor. As we were setting up for a spirit box session outside the former rooms of the Judge and John Oliver Champ, I thought I heard a tapping sound coming from down the hall near the day room. I made my way to where I thought I heard the sound and, after a minute or two, we heard what can only be described as a moaning or humming. It sounded as if it came from right there in the hallway with us. We heard this disembodied hum/moan three times. After the third time, I noticed my camera’s memory card was full and this was the excuse I needed to exit the area. This encounter completely amped us up and put us on edge. We ended up exiting the second floor in a hurry.

I believe this is extraordinary evidence of a disembodied voice and extraordinary evidence requires transparency. I feel I am obligated to the fans, followers, and patrons of Haunted Toledo to provide the raw, unedited video regarding this incident.

Three video files have been uploaded to the Haunted Toledo Patreon page. The files are as follows:

The video file from Christopher Tillman’s primary camera while on the 2nd floor of the Randolph County Infirmary in the men’s corridor. The video ends abruptly due to the memory card filling up.

The video file from Ryan Miller’s primary camera while on the 2nd floor of the Randolph County Infirmary in the men’s corridor. It’s interesting to note that the first few times the moaning/humming was heard, it was not picked up by this camera’s audio. Once Ryan had retrieved his camera and brought it closer to the area in question, its microphone was able to pick up the final moan/hum.

The DVR video of the encounter. The DVR records in one-hour blocks. The encounter occurs within the first ten minutes or so of this video, but we’ve uploaded the entire one-hour clip. NOTE: The timecode is a little off for this file. It was actually around 1:30am when we entered the second floor men’s corridor. Even when the time is set correctly in the system, for some reason it never displays it properly in the actual recordings.

We appreciate all the support we get and are thrilled so many of you enjoy our explorations into the unknown. But to our patrons, channel members, etc., we especially want you to know your monthly support and subscriptions aren’t being disrespected by creating staged or fake content. And the only way to gain and keep your trust is to provide the raw video of those times when something we feel is extraordinarily significant is documented. What we experienced on the second floor of the Randolph County Infirmary, I feel, is one of those times.

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