Legends of the Heartland, pilot episode

Photo Credit: Legends of the Heartland, pilot episode

On June 12, 1857, a man with the strange name of Return Jonathan Meigs Ward was hanged at the Lucas County courthouse just minutes before noon. He would go down in history as Ohio’s first serial killer. Ward’s final victim was his own wife, murdered in the heart of downtown Sylvania, Ohio.

Now, over 160 years later, multiple eyewitnesses, spanning five different locations, believe the ghost of his murdered wife still walks among us.

2019, 60 minutes, currently in post-production

Documentary #2 (untitled)

Haunted Toledo goes where no other ghosthunter has gone before in an attempt to put to rest some unanswered questions concerning one of Ohio’s greatest ghost stories!

Currently in pre-production

Documentary #2 (untitled)

Nearly 50 years ago, something monstrous was said to lurk the Ohio countryside. Today, these stories are considered legend. The original eyewitnesses might have you thinking differently!

Currently in pre-production

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