The Werewolves of Darke County, Ohio

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The heavily-wooded lands of Darke County, Ohio are steeped in some ancient Native American traditions, one of which is the belief that packs of werewolves laid in wait to hungrily descend on unsuspecting travelers.

A werewolf hasn’t been seen in years, but some old-timers still have tales to tell of things they’ve seen in their younger days and there are still those who say you can hear howling on nights when the moon is full.

Darke County is not the only place to have stories dealing with shape-shifters, either. Other cities and counties in Ohio, such as Marion and Defiance, have plenty of stories of their own. There were even published newspaper stories in Holland, Michigan of some beastly creature that was said to chase after and attack passing motorists during the 1960s.

I enjoy a good monster story as much as I do a good ghost story. If you have any stories or experiences concerning Ohio’s cryptids, please send them in!

Photo Credit: Pinterest (If you know the creator of the werewolf graphic above, please let me know so I can give them proper credit.)

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