The Screaming Mimi Bridge

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I posted about another “screaming bridge” story a week ago, called The Screaming Lady Bridge of Findlay, Ohio. This one is in Old Fort. Both are similar, not only in the phenomenon they present, but the stories that have been circulated to explain it.

The bridge is on a side road off County Road 15. Visitors to it claim that, if you park your car on the bridge and flash your headlights (some say you need to honk your horn as well), the vengeful ghost of Mimi will appear and begin screaming insanely.

There are three different stories I have found which attempt to explain this curious bridge, one of which I am told is verified by the historical record. (Admittedly, I have not had the time to fact-check, so take it with a grain of salt.)

The most popular version is that Mimi had a child out of wedlock and, either through shame or coercion, killed the newborn by throwing it over the side of the bridge, the act of doing so eventually driving her insane.

Another version says Mimi was murdered by her husband on their wedding night. Mimi, it seems, was from a wealthy family and her greedy husband beheaded her and threw her body over the bridge in order to inherit her sizable fortune.

Still another version says that Mimi was simply the victim of an automobile accident. Andy, a researcher in that area, wrote to me back in 2003 that a female motorist had a bad accident while driving across the bridge. He further claims that many people have gone to the bridge and heard the phantom screaming for themselves.

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