The Screaming Lady Bridge of Findlay, Ohio

Photo Credit: unknown

When I first posted this story a few years ago on the Haunted Toledo Facebook page, many residents of the Findlay area commented that there is no such bridge in Findlay and that this story may actually deal with an entirely separate location. For more information on what locals have to say about this legend, follow this link… The Screaming Lady Bridge of Findlay, Ohio

Here is the legend as it was originally posted on the Haunted Toledo Facebook page back in September of 2016…

Old-timers in Findlay know exactly what you’re talking about when you mention the legend of the Screaming Lady Bridge.

According to legend, this steel-girder bridge is haunted by the ghost of a screaming lady who is said to chase after those bold enough to go looking for her.

One eyewitness account claims to have encountered the phantom on a warm summer night several years back. When they pulled the car off to the side of the road, they could hear a woman screaming from a nearby cornfield. The screaming grew deafening and sounded as if it was getting closer by the second until it seemed to fill the entire car.

In a move reminiscent of so many other Ohio legends, another eyewitness says the Screaming Lady can be summoned at will simply by honking your horn three times.

Photo Credit: unknown

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