The Life and Crimes of Return Ward, Ohio’s First Serial Killer

You’ll never look at Main Street in Sylvania, Ohio the same way again!

The final installment of the Legendary Ohio Summer Speakers Series is your chance to hear Ohio’s greatest ghost story!

You won’t want to believe what happened near the corner of Main and Monroe Streets in Sylvania, Ohio in February of 1857, but every word of it is true!

Our final presentation in the Summer Speakers Series is coming up on October 5th at the West Toledo Library Auditorium. From 12p-1p, you will hear a story that sounds like an episode of “Law & Order” but, in this case, it actually happened!

Join us as we share with you the life and crimes of Ohio’s first serial killer, Return Ward, and learn how the brutal and shocking murder of his third wife, Olive, left a supernatural stain on many of the businesses lining Main Street!

1 killer, 3 victims, 5 haunted locations!

We’ve spent nearly three years researching and investigating this story. We’ve collaborated with historians and librarians from Toledo to Columbus, and everywhere in between, collecting over 2400 documents, to bring you the facts. We’ve travelled from here to Richland County in order to walk in the killer’s footsteps. And, now, the story can be told.

Our upcoming documentary, “Legends of the Heartland,” deals with this horrifying history and legend, but there were many details about Ward and his life that we had to leave out due to time constraints. This presentation is intended to give you a full, clear look at who Return Ward was, what he did, and how his crimes left a paranormal legacy on the downtown district of one of Toledo’s most prosperous suburbs.

This is a free presentation and may not be suitable for young children.

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