The Legend of “Chalkie”

Photo Credit: Christopher Tillman

The story of Gunn Road has been around for quite a while, at least since the 1980s, but it’s still kind of a new one to me. Probably a new one for you, too. In all the books of Ohio folklore I’ve collected over the years, Gunn Road isn’t in any of them. Apparently, it didn’t generate enough interest to be included for mass-market circulation. There isn’t much information to be found concerning the haunting of Gunn Road, few eyewitness claims, and only one recorded visit to the site by a folklorist.

It’s the tragic tale of a child, a young boy according to the legend, who was killed when he was struck by a car. The date of this accident and the name of the child is unknown, but folklore has taken to calling him “Chalkie”, in reference to the chalk outline the police investigators drew around his lifeless body.

As the story goes, if you drive out to Gunn Road and park your car in the exact spot where “Chalkie” was killed, your car will fail to re-start. At least three eyewitness claims that I know of each stated that their vehicles would not start after they had been parked and turned off.

But, where is the exact spot of his untimely death?

From what I can gather from the limited information available, no one seems to know anymore. According to legend, someone took it upon themselves to re-trace the chalk outline with spray paint in some kind of peculiar memorial to the fallen child. This spray-painted outline, allegedly, has been re-applied over the years, as necessary, but recent roadwork has hidden it from view and no one has attempted to re-paint it.

One witness states, “Supposedly his house was at the corner of Gunn Road, and now is incorporated into the new housing neighborhood being established. Apple Blossom Estates or something like that.

Other versions of the “Chalkie” legend say it happened at Coder Road, not Gunn Road.

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