The Hauntings Along Maplewood Avenue in Sylvania, Ohio

Photo Credit: Haunted Toledo

We’re all about legends and history at Haunted Toledo. Rarely will we tell the tale of a private residence but, in this case, it deals with what appears to be multiple locations situated on somewhat historic land, Maplewood Avenue in Sylvania, Ohio.

I say somewhat historical because it’s not like a major battle or some important discovery occurred here or anything. According to a local tale, which is still unverified at this time, Maplewood Avenue was at one time part of the Indiana Turnpike in the 1800s. (Yes, they had turnpikes and toll roads in the 1800s.)

During westward expansion, privately-built and state-subsidized toll roads helped provide accessible and maintained routes for travelers, settlers, and commercial trade. Quite often, there were times when settlements would have to be uprooted during the construction of these roads. Such was the case, they say, with this particular portion of the Indiana Turnpike. As the story goes, a small Native American settlement was forced from the area to make room for the road and, either by curse or by tragedy, the resentment from those days continue to echo down throughout the years.

Now, it is said that homes up and down Maplewood Avenue have been experiencing strange activity off and on over the years. Shadowy figures have been seen skulking through rooms and hallways at multiple addresses. Objects seem to move of their own accord and more than one home has reported electrical appliances acting weirdly. Virtually every household, though, says they’ve experienced hearing unexplained noises and sounds on their properties. Disembodied voices can be heard coming from empty rooms and people are often awakened from a dead sleep at the sound of someone calling out their name.

Are these the spirits of the men who built the road? Are they phantoms of westward settlers who, perhaps, had stopped along this stretch of the turnpike for rest only to somehow meet their demise? Or, are they the unrested souls of the Native Americans who were forcefully pushed from their land?

In closing, I cannot verify the source of the claims surrounding the homes along Maplewood Avenue. Neither can I find a source (at the moment) stipulating that Maplewood Avenue was, in fact, once part of the Indiana Turnpike in the 1800s. So, if any of you reading this has information that either supports or debunks any of the claims in this post, PLEASE share it with us!

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