The Haunting of Stone Chapel Cemetery

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An unimaginable and gruesome discovery was made inside this cemetery on a crisp morning in 1825.

Under the branches of an oak tree, close to the banks of a nearby creek, the headless body of a man was found sprawled in the grass. Upon examination of the wound, evidence pointed to the fact that the head was not severed cleanly or otherwise. Rather, it was wrenched, twisted and pulled from the body by either mechanical means or through sheer brute force.

Furthermore, a wound of that magnitude should have left behind an incredible amount of blood and gore, but there was none to be found. The head, too, was nowhere to be found. This led authorities to believe this man was killed elsewhere and then dumped in the cemetery.

Legend tells us that, to this day, the headless apparition of this murdered man walks the cemetery. He’s most often seen in the area of the creek, but some have also claimed to have heard his painful moans throughout the cemetery grounds.

The identity of the man was never determined and the murder has gone unsolved.

Most re-tellings place this story as taking place in a spot called Stoney Creek Cemetery. The problem is, there is no Stoney Creek Cemetery in Adams County, nor is there a Stoney Creek. Local ghosthunters have since come to believe the actual location of this legend is in Stone Chapel Cemetery.

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