The Haunting of Crybaby Hill in McClure, Ohio

Photo Credit: Fringe Paranormal

Over the summer, Toledo-based paranormal team, Fringe Paranormal, visited this often overlooked legend, which you can read about on their website,

We’ve all heard the tales of crybaby bridges where screams and infant wailing are said to pierce the stillness of night. This time, though, the location of such phenomena is a hill, not a bridge.

This Henry County location, according to legend, is home to the souls of an unknown number of babies who, some say, were massacred for some mysterious reason. More likely, they died of natural causes brought on by illness or disease of some kind.

On the hill, one will find numerous weathered tombstones which are virtually unreadable and, if you’re lucky, you’ll hear the unmistakable sounds of crying babies being carried to you on the wind.

Some have even reported seeing what looked like several shadowy figures moving about the base of the hill and subsequently finding strange handprints covering their car when it was time to leave.

Strangest of all, many visitors to this hill have reported something unique in Ohio folklore: the sounds of something crawling or slithering across the ground around them. Whatever this “something” is, no source for the sounds have ever been determined.

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