The Haunted Sylvania Public Library

Photo Credit: Al Luna

It will forever be a mystery to me why some ghosts would choose to linger on in places like libraries. I enjoy a good book as much as the next guy, but of all the places you could go, all the things and people you could see, why a library?

Well, obviously, it’s because they are stuck there. For whatever reason, they can’t move on and are somehow forever linked to the location. Just because you’ve passed on doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want, it seems.

Being from Sylvania, I spent a lot of time at this library while growing up. I browsed many books of ghost stories here and wandered the stacks in search of information concerning all kinds of obscure, mysterious topics. I never once suspected it may be home to some otherworldly spirits.

In September of 2015, Al Luna and his team, Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations (PSEI), conducted an investigation of the library in hopes of documenting evidence of paranormal activity. Library employees have claimed to experience any number of odd events, including blinking lights and desk drawers opening on their own.

During their investigation, Al and his team didn’t have to wait long for something strange and unusual to happen. Several team members heard what they believe was a female voice coming from the children’s book section and, upon exploring further, heard two distinct tapping sounds. Other team members claim they began experiencing cold spots as they conducted their own walk-through of the library.

It was about at this time that the most significant events of the night would take place. While setting up for an EVP session, a loud crash was heard on the other side of the library. Converging on the disturbance, the team found nearly two dozen books laying in the middle of the floor (pictured above). A shelf on one of the bookcases had inexplicably popped loose from one end of the bookcase frame, spilling the books onto the floor. (It should be noted that no one was in this area of the library when it happened.)

As the scene was being documented and studied, a REM-Pod which had been set up in the children’s book area began to alarm. The Pod sounded for a full three minutes before the battery finally drained.

All in all, there was more activity than Al and his team expected to find and, by the end of the night, they were convinced that something – or someone – from the Other Side still roams the aisles.

So if you ever find yourself inside this library, browsing the rows and rows of books, and you feel a sudden and unexpected chilled draft, or even a pair of unseen eyes watching after you, be prepared to have a paranormal experience of your very own!

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