The Haunted Route 42 Tunnel of Ashland, Ohio

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On Route 42, near the Mack Driving School, there exists a tunnel which allows you to experience the mystery of the supernatural from the comforts of your car.

As the story goes, if you head west and stop just inside the tunnel, you will put yourself directly in the path of the paranormal.

The first thing visitors report is an overwhelming feeling of “heaviness” permeating the area. But the real fun begins when you turn off your headlights and put the car in neutral. It is then that you will feel the car being pushed and pulled by unseen forces. Those who were brave enough to get out of the car during such an event claim to have found mysterious handprints covering the car.

But what’s the story behind all this unnatural activity?

Popular legend says that a distraught man killed himself at the tunnel shortly after his wife died during childbirth. It is said that if you honk your horn three times, his hanging ghost will appear before your very eyes.

Locals have a different story, though. According to people who live in the area, the tunnel is haunted by the spirit of a young girl who committed suicide there sometime in the 1950s. Allegedly, she was the victim of horrific schoolyard bullying and hung herself from a rope she tied to the train tracks above the tunnel.

Are these stories real? You’ll have to visit the Route 42 Tunnel to find out!

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