The Haunted Briggs-Lawrence County Public Library

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According to local legend, this library sits on land where a man named Joseph Lowry once lived.

Lowry, a doctor, died in 1933. Officially, he succumbed to a stroke but other rumors have persisted that he was poisoned by his own family. However he died, though, is of little consequence as folklore says it’s what happened after he died that is ultimately responsible for keeping his soul tethered to our earthly realm.

His wife having passed two years earlier, Lowry had contracted with the local undertaker for a special, custom-made coffin. For whatever reason, Lowry never took delivery of the coffin and, subsequently, refused to pay for it, leaving the undertaker to foot the bill.

When Lowry’s body arrived at the undertaker’s for preparation for burial, the undertaker decided to take his revenge on the doctor by burying him in the same coffin he refused to pay for years earlier. The problem was, the coffin was too short.

The undertaker, though, was determined.

In order to cram Lowry’s body in the coffin, he broke both of the dead doctor’s legs and folded them upon themselves. But, there was still a problem. The lid would not close tightly.

There was only one thing to do. The undertaker simply cut open Lowry’s abdomen and removed his organs.

Now, do you remember how I mentioned there were some who believed Lowry might have been murdered? Well, some time after his burial, police investigators began to take those claims seriously and requested to dig up the good doctor in order to run tissue tests for evidence of poison. Unfortunately, those tests could not be performed as his organs were nowhere to be found.

Now, it is said, Dr. Lowry wanders the Briggs Lawrence County Public Library, searching for justice and, perhaps, his missing body parts. Some say his ghost has also been seen wandering Woodland Cemetery, in nearby Coal Grove, where he was buried.

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