The Ghost of Papa John’s in Defiance, Ohio

Photo Credit: Papa John’s

Another haunted pizza joint? Don’t mind if I do!

On a dark night, shortly after closing, an employee of the Papa John’s in Defiance, Ohio had the fright of his life.

After we walked out and I was locking the door, I swear I saw a dark figure walk into the office, but I know no one was in the store.

Before it was a Papa John’s franchise, the building was home to a variety of businesses. At one time it was a donut shop, another an auto repair service. Today it’s just another stop on our journey through Ohio’s vast expanse of paranormal legend and otherworldly folklore.

Employees here often report inexplicable cold spots and the sensation of being watched. An electrical, static-like feeling often fills the air and people are often left feeling they’re not completely alone in the building even when their own eyes tell them differently.

As the story goes, there have been several deaths at this location over the years. An unlucky auto mechanic met his end beneath the heavy steel of a car lift, crushed to death on the job. Another story involves a shooting on the premises when it was a donut shop, gasping their last breath right there in the lobby of the building. Employees believe these deaths have contributed to the current spate of paranormal activity going on to this very day.

Most of the activity happens in the back room,” writes an employee of this Papa John’s franchise, “but the night me and my closing driver heard the gasping sound, it was right next to us at the front of the store.”

Strange noises and sounds are reported all the time in the building, but is especially active at night and in the back room. Often it’s the sound of someone breathing heavily and gasping for air.

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