The Curtice, Ohio Spooklight

This is a new one to me but, from what I hear, there is yet another legendary spooklight bobbing and weaving its way through northwest Ohio folklore.

This particular spooklight can be found haunting a bridge near N. Fostoria and Williston Roads. I am not personally familiar with the area, so if you’re from that area y’all are gonna have to help me pinpoint the exact location of this claim.

Anyway, visitors to the bridge say they can sometimes witness this phantom light by using a familiar ritual that has become associated with spooklight legends all over the state… honking your car horn three times.

It is said that if you park your car on the bridge and honk your horn three times, a glowing orb of light will suddenly appear and follow you down the road.

One visitor to the bridge recalls just such an experience when she and a carload of friends tried the ritual a few years ago.

The spooklight appeared behind their car as they left the bridge and were headed back towards Williston Road.

“…behind us a single light appeared. We freaked out and went speeding the heck out of there!” she recalls. “We could see from down the road on Williston it stopped at the stop sign and just sat there.

What did they see on that bridge that night? Was it a genuine spooklight, or did some natural phenomenon set their imaginations racing? And, most importantly, has anyone seen it since?

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