The Commodore Perry Building

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A memorable part of the Toledo skyline has earned its spot in the pantheon of northwest Ohio folklore.

Built in 1927, this historic, 19-story high-rise was, at one time, the center of luxury and glamour.

The Commodore Perry Hotel was known for its lavish style and was host to many celebrities over the course of its history. Harry Truman, Bob Hope, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Stewart, and other notables.

Changing times and economic realities led to a re-imagining of the hotel and, in 1968, it re-opened as the Commodore Perry Motor Inn and operated until 1980.

These days, the Commodore Perry building is a luxury apartment home community with stunning views of the downtown Toledo area. The elegant style and the craftsmanship of its early days when it was a hotel have been restored and preserved for today’s generation.

A few other things have remained as well.

As the story goes, above the apartment areas in the building, there is still an old, unused dance room and restaurant. It has been claimed that the ghost of a young girl, wearing a white dress, has been seen in these areas, as well as wandering the upper floors.

Many have claimed to have seen her sitting on the steps leading to the bar area in the restaurant. Inside this bar area is also an old piano that some claim to have heard playing all by itself.

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