The Adrian, Michigan Ghost Trestle

Photo Credit: YouTube

Victoria, a Haunted Toledo follower, wrote to me about her experiences at a railroad trestle near Adrian, Michigan that locals have taken to calling the “Ghost Trestle.”

This particular trestle can be found, she says, near the intersection of Bailey Hwy and Gier Road. It’s still an active set of tracks, she cautions, but many report having some “wicked experiences there.”

Accompanying her story, she offers this photograph taken at the “Ghost Trestle,” which she says reveals an apparition. As her story goes, she says that, supposedly, a woman and her baby were hit and killed by a passing train while running from a house fire.

As for her experiences, she writes, “We’ve heard screams, footsteps, seen shadow figures, orbs, heard growling and disembodied voices, and there are often lots of dead animals lying around and lots of black cats run out at us.”

But it’s the dead animals laying about that has Victoria thinking something much more negative lurks in the area of the “Ghost Trestle.”

There are underground tunnels running underneath the trestle that I have not been in, but they seem very creepy as well. [The area] has an eerie vibe to it, unless a train passes which it then gets very, very crazy. As soon as the train passes you can feel the energy get really heavy.”

Make sure you are careful if you go to the train tracks,” she warns, “because the trains come out of nowhere and go very fast. Make sure you take pictures too because we always catch something.”

Again, this is an ACTIVE set of railroad tracks and, as you’ve read, trains are fast-moving and can approach without warning. Even though we all love a good ghost story, especially if it involves a location we can visit in person, I would suggest giving this one a wide berth. Stay off the tracks!

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