Strange Sightings Along Lose Road in Monclova

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The legends of Coder Road and Gunn Road seem pretty popular around these parts, and they always elicit some of the biggest debates among page followers as to which of the roads is the true source of the “Chalkie” legend.

In one of the more recent debates, one page follower pointed me to a tale I’ve never heard before. Hopefully, some of you have and can offer additional information about it.

Samuel* writes, “…Lose Rd, behind Monclova School. A car went over the side into Swan Creek, and the people died. Then ghosts were reported walking the roadway at night, circa 1970.”

I’d be interested in knowing if anyone else has heard similar stories concerning Lose Road in Monclova, or who are familiar with any car accidents in the area around that time period. It might even be possible that Samuel is remembering a story he had heard at some point and, through a mix up in memory, places it at Lose Road.

Either way, I’d love to know if anyone else has heard of, or experienced, something strange happening on Lose Road.

*Names have been changed

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