Phantom Drag Racers on Starr Avenue in Toledo, Ohio

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This is a tale that came to me via a follower of the Haunted Toledo Facebook page.

I’ve never heard this story before, so I’ll let Carol* tell it in her own words.

Starr Ave, between Lallendorf and Wynn, is haunted by some teenagers that crashed while drag racing in the ’50s,” she says.

I’ve been on that road at night and if you stop halfway through [the intersection], you can hear engines revving, taking off, and hear the crash. It scares me every time I drive through there at night.”

Ever since receiving this report, I never knew what to make of it. Could it be the product of an over-active imagination? Did Carol hear or experience something that has a completely rational explanation?

She doesn’t think so, and neither does her father who was with her during one of these weird encounters.

She continues, “Once, when I stopped, I just felt the wind of the cars passing and heard ’50s music. My dad heard the crash and screaming.”

But are there any historical facts to back up the ghost story? Carol says there is. “According to the story, five teenagers were killed with two of them being decapitated.”

Has anyone ever heard of this story or experienced the phantom drag racers of Starr Avenue? Was there a horrific car accident in the 1950s along this stretch of road?

*Names have been changed to protect anonymity.

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