Original Series

We are surrounded by all kinds of fascinating, jaw-dropping, and haunted history!

It’s been our goal from the very beginning to uncover some of Ohio’s greatest ghost stories, exploring the history of each amazing location and documenting the extraordinary claims made by eyewitnesses!

Legends of the Heartland

Haunted Toledo is currently in production on its first television series, Legends of the Heartland!

Season 1 will take the viewer to 13 historic and haunted locations around northwest Ohio!

We intend to air this ground-breaking television series on Toledo’s PBS affiliate, WGTE!


Our feature-length documentaries involving some of the strangest stories that history and legend has to offer!

Haunted Toledo Investigates

Follow along with the Haunted Toledo crew as we venture into the unknown in this YouTube series!

Full Disclosure

Our YouTube series featuring additional history and paranormal evidence that didn’t make the final cut in our other series and documentaries. You’ll also see behind-the-scenes footage, extra interviews, bloopers, and more!

Tea Time with Chelten

Sarah Chelten offers her unique perspectives concerning her adventures and experiences as Haunted Toledo’s lead investigator in this YouTube series.

Two-Minute Tales

Our YouTube series featuring quick, concise narratives concerning some of your favorite local legends!

Legends of Ohio

Our YouTube series where we dive deeper into the legends and hear what the eyewitnesses have to say!


Here’s where you can get your hands on Haunted Toledo DVDs!