More Paranormal Experiences From Inside The Spaghetti Warehouse

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Toledo has many restaurants in its city limits that have more to offer than just what’s on the menu. Some people go for the exemplary service. Some prefer a unique dining atmosphere. Others, like me, enjoy a delicious ghost story to go along with my meal.

I’ve had the privilege of investigating several local eateries which fit the bill of being haunted (Mancy’s, Tony Packo’s, and others), but one that’s always been on my list is the famous Spaghetti Warehouse. The history and stories concerning this establishment, and the building it sits in, continue to fascinate me, and I love any opportunity to hear from those who have encountered its legends.

Last year, a former employee, Brent, contacted me about his experiences while working there. In December of 2016, he writes,

I worked at the Spaghetti Warehouse from 1993 to 2005, [and] I had many experiences over the years. I can tell you that there are at least two ghosts there. There is a female presence on the main floor (in the dining room and in the lobby) and a male presence that showed up mostly in the basement, but also on the second floor.”

In a further email, Brent went into more detail about his encounters.

I, personally, never saw any apparitions, only experienced strange phenomenon. But others did see things so I will start there…

There was an incident late at night while I was working in the lobby as a cashier,” he recalled, “and almost all of the staff had already left for the day. I was working on counting down the drawer when the security guard came from the dining room, clearly flustered. I had just heard him say, ‘I’m sorry the restaurant is closed,’ just prior [to his walking into the room]. From the security guard’s telling, he was walking through the dining room and saw a woman sitting in one of the booths in the front window. She was staring out the window and when he spoke to tell her the restaurant was closed, she vanished.

And, that wasn’t the only time security came across an after-hours patron.

A completely different security guard, several years later, had a nearly identical incident happen in the basement bar. It was late at night and it looked as if a man was sitting at the closed bar. When the security guard said the restaurant was closed, the man looked at him and then vanished.

A former manager claims he repeatedly heard his name whispered in a female voice when he was alone in the restaurant in the early morning hours.”

Personally, I had several experiences with paranormal activity – probably because I often was one of the last people there (the ghosts seemed much more active when there were no guests in the restaurant). One time when I was cleaning up at the end of the night, each time I walked by one of the hutches where rolled silverware was stored, a single bread knife would fall out, land on the hutch, then fall to the floor. The first time I thought nothing of it. The second time it became an coincidence. After the sixth time I was unsurprisingly freaked out. These were knives tightly rolled into napkins with two forks, yet each time only the knife fell. Six times.

The scariest experience I personally had was when it was just the manager and I left in the restaurant with a security guard standing outside the locked front doors. I was counting down all the cash to prep it for the nightly deposit. The manager went first to the dining room to shut off all the lights then went to the basement to do the same. He came back up and, as I was preparing the nightly cash drop, music from the jukebox in the bar downstairs started to play. I thought nothing of it. It would play random songs from time to time, that was part of what it was programmed to do. The manager quickly grabbed the cash from me, put it in the safe and said, ‘we’re leaving.’ I was confused why the sudden rush. Then he said, “I just unplugged that jukebox right before I walked up here.”

Stories and personal experiences from the Spaghetti Warehouse continue to pour into our website and Facebook page, making it look more and more like one of Toledo’s most haunted restaurants.

I’m sure there are plenty more stories trapped in my brain somewhere, but it’s been many years and I’m probably not recalling them all. In fact I know I’m not. But I will conclude by saying that there is old staircase in the dining room (not in plain sight) that goes to the second floor. If you walk up those stairs, there is something truly strange about the fourth stair after the landing. Anytime I would place my food on there I would feel an overwhelming dread. It’s hard to describe, but it happened every time and I wasn’t the only one who felt it. I don’t know any possible origin of the female or male spirits there, but I did a significant amount of research on the building and it was built for the Hoppe and Strubb bottling company. As a bottler of beer, when prohibition hit the company went out but presumably the equipment, or at least some of it, remained. There is some evidence that the Purple Gang used the building as a hideout and for bottling of bootlegged alcohol. So, presumably deaths could have occurred in the building during that period resulting in the hauntings.

So if you ever get to explore, I’d say the hot spots are that staircase in the dining room to the second floor; the bar area – especially close to the bar, by the bathrooms, and into the game room; the dining room near the front windows; and possibly the second floor. (I’ve never felt anything there. It just felt creepy because it was unfinished, but others seemed to think things moving around were unexplained. I personally think it was staff pranks.)

Who, or what, haunts Toledo’s Spaghetti Warehouse? Should you ever find yourself there for lunch or dinner, keep an eye on table 102 by the front windows. It is here, I’m told, that multiple employees have witnessed the apparition of a woman who disappears from view just as quickly as she is seen.

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