“Legends of the Heartland” Pilot Episode Nears Completion

Photo Credit: Christopher Tillman

We are just a couple of months away from revealing to you the GREATEST untold ghost story in the entire State of Ohio!

This one has it all – a serial killer, horrific murders, true crime drama, and multiple eyewitnesses to fantastic paranormal events!

Nearly 160 years ago, Return Jonathan Meigs Ward murdered his third wife, Olive, inside their home on Division Street (now Main Street) in downtown Sylvania.

In an attempt to hide his dirty deed, he dismembered her corpse and burned the pieces in their home’s wood-burning stove! Almost immediately his neighbors suspected foul play. Within weeks, Ward was arrested, tried, and found guilty of her murder. On June 12, 1857, he was hanged by the neck. Justice was served, or was it?

To this day, the legacy and legend of Olive’s brutal murder are still felt in downtown Sylvania. Five separate locations and multiple eyewitnesses have come forward to tell us about their encounters with strange phenomena on or near the site of Olive’s death.

Does the spirit of Olive Ward still walk downtown Sylvania and is her murderous husband still in pursuit?

We’ve spent a great deal of time researching, exploring, and documenting this incredible tale, collecting over 2400 documents (videos, photos, maps, charts, clippings, scans, genealogies and more), and historians across Ohio are still sending us more!

But the good news is we’re finally reaching the point where we’re ready to share this story with all of you! Thank you for being so patient as we put this project together! This is the first thing we’ve ever produced for television and we want to make sure it’s the best it can be!

Photo Credit: Christopher Tillman

Photo Credit: Christopher Tillman

Photo Credit: Christopher Tillman

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