“Legends of the Heartland” Is Just Weeks Away

Christopher Tillman, Ryan Miller, and the actors who helped with the documentary’s re-enactment scenes.

“Legends of the Heartland” re-enactments are complete. Thank you to Andi Erbskorn, Gaye Gindy, Heritage Sylvania, the Sylvania Historical Village, the city of Sylvania, Ryan Miller, Erinn McDonald, Reese McDonald, Cami Jule Cochenour, Sarah Bania-Dobyns, Bob Welly, Mark Alan, Bill Pierson, Jim Sabovik, Jennifer Zaurov, and Alana Eddy.

Haunted Toledo’s first documentary, which deals with five separate and allegedly haunted location in downtown Sylvania, Ohio, enters into a frenzied editing process before being submitted for broadcast.

These re-enactments will really help tell the story of Ohio’s first serial killer and the paranormal legends his crimes have spawned up and down Main Street in Sylvania, Ohio.

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