Introducing The Ghosthunter’s Notebook

Photo Credit: Haunted Toledo; Christopher Tillman on an investigation in the basement of Reve Salon & Spa in Sylvania, Ohio

This is the inaugural post for the Ghosthunter’s Notebook section of the Haunted Toledo website.

Now, with a category called “the Ghosthunter’s Notebook,” you’re probably thinking there will be plenty of talk about, y’know, ghosthunting and stuff, right?

You would be wrong.

Sure, there will be the occasional tip, trick, theory, or technique but, for the most part, these posts will deal with my thoughts and observations concerning the past, present, and future of this little thing we collectively call “the paranormal community.” This will be behind the scenes sort of topics; things the general public doesn’t normally get to hear about; things other ghosthunters would rather I not bring up.

For better or worse, social media has completely transformed the nature of paranormal investigation and documentation. Completely changed it. And the Ghosthunter’s Notebook is where I’ll be talking about it.

Just remember, I’m no expert.

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