Haunted Joy Cemetery in Ottawa Hills, Ohio

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Despite what most other sites maintain, this cemetery was established in 1853, not 1835, as is evidenced by a prominent plaque that can be seen on the cemetery grounds.

There is only one legend I know of that deals with this cemetery. As the story goes, it is said that a ghostly Great Lakes freighter captain still wanders the grounds in search of his missing peg-leg.

In 1970, Jamie Walker, then president of Lloyd Bros.-Walker Co., a business specializing in grave markers, shared with Blade reporter, Paula Miner, the tale of this phantom sailor from the mid-1800s.

From the Blade article, “Ghosts Still Haunt Area Graveyards,”

While transporting a cargo of wheat, “…the captain was involved in an accident that cost him his leg.

Since a nicely turned peg-leg was the style of the day, the sailor acquired one, and stumped around until his death.

At the funeral, there was some discussion about the limb. It had little aesthetic value, and since he didn’t need it anymore, the family decided to remove it when his body was buried.

Woe to the family that would dare take away a man’s right hand – er – leg. To this day, he reportedly limps through the 125-year-old Joy Cemetery in Ottawa Hills on dark, stormy nights, bemoaning the fact that he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.”

Does he still wander the cemetery grounds? As ridiculous as it may sound, some believe they can still catch a glimpse of a phantom figure hobbling about the tombstones on dark and stormy nights.

Despite the sign, people often mistake the cemetery on Central and Talmadge as being Joy Cemetery.

Joy Cemetery is actually located behind St. Michael’s In The Hills Episcopal Church, on the northeast corner of Brittany Road and Underhill Road, in Ottawa Hills, Ohio.

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