Experiences at the Wolcott House in Maumee, Ohio

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For eight years, Zach has volunteered at the historic Wolcott House in Maumee, Ohio. Over the years, he has experienced enough strange events to solidify, in his mind, the reality of the phenomena which legend has attributed to this house.

Every month,” he writes, “there would be a tea hosted at the Wolcott House and I would be in charge of taking down tables and chairs.”

Since he often worked alone, many of the things Zach experienced had no explanation other than paranormal.

He continues, “One day I was taking down some chairs and suddenly heard [the soft sounds of a] piano playing. There is one piano in the house and I was a little shocked to hear [it] playing. So I slowly walked to the room where the piano was and, about ten-feet before I walked into the room, the piano stopped playing. When I did get to the room, no one was there.”

Phantom piano-playing was just one of many weird events Zach had experienced over his eight years of volunteer work at the Wolcott House. There were also plenty of times when activity in the house had Zach feeling as if he wasn’t alone in the building – even though he knew he was.

Another instance I had was when I had to go into a storage room in the kitchen and get some items,” he said. “While I was in there, [I heard] a thump – almost like something had fallen.”

Looking for the source of the sound, he walked into the living room and found an apple laying in the middle of the floor. It had apparently fallen from a decorative display, and this wasn’t the first time it had happened.

I have had this happen to me two different times,” said Zach. “And, sometimes when I was downstairs, sweeping the floors or mopping, it would sound like someone was walking around upstairs and it would kind of frighten me when it happens.”

He continued, “I have also had some other instances where I would be in another room and a glass showcase would just start rattling.”

Zach’s experiences at the Wolcott House are by no means unique. Many people have been witness to the strange and unknown while inside the building. The stories have become so popular that the Wolcott House will often hold paranormal-themed tours and ghost hunts during the Halloween season.

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