Downtown Toledo’s Haunted Library

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The main branch of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library is the fifth largest in the state of Ohio and holds over 1 million resource and reference materials, including books, videos, audio CDs, newspaper archives, and historical public records.

It sees an average of a half-million visitors walk through its doors each and every year, but there’s at least one visitor who never seems to want to leave.

I will never understand why a ghost would choose to spend an eternity hanging around a library when there are so many other places in this world to visit. Perhaps there’s something about the place they seem to love, but walk into just about any library here in Toledo and you’ll hear someone hint at the possibility of a wayward spirit lurking among the stacks of books.

The downtown branch of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library is no different. They seem to have a phantom of their own walking the building and, apparently, it’s not too concerned about who knows it.

For many years now, employees and patrons of the library have heard plenty of stories about a female ghost that walks the third floor of the building. Some even claim to have heard for themselves what sounds like the rhythmic cadence of high-heels tapping their way across the floors around them.

The legend says these phantom footsteps are most often heard after the library closes and usually on the third floor, which is off-limits to patrons.

Perhaps it’s this same spirit who’s responsible for some of the other weirdness that’s said to take place inside the building.

The presence of inexplicable cold spots are often felt throughout the building sending ripples of electricity spiraling out across the skin. Others report mysterious feelings of being watched as they move among the rows of books. Some have said it often feels as if they’re being followed by some unseen presence and that there are times when they don’t feel alone even when a quick glance around assures them that no one else is near.

And, then there are reports from patrons who claim to have been “shushed” for talking a little louder than they should. When they turn to see who it was they may have disturbed, they often report, “There was no one there.”

Is the main branch of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library haunted? There are many who will step forward with a story to tell. If you take a trip there, you might come back with a story of your own.

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