Does The University of Toledo Have A Ghost?

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I came across a legend involving the University of Toledo on the website a few years ago.

As paranormal claims go, it seems pretty mediocre and, for all we know, may be attributed to a simple plumbing problem. But I held on to the information and set it aside for the day when further clues and claims come in concerning the University of Toledo.

According to, there is a haunted dorm on campus known as the Carter West Dorm. After checking with the university website, there is no “Carter West Dorm,” but there is a Carter Hall and it does have an east and west wing.

Inside Carter Hall, in the west wing, it is said the first-floor bathrooms are experiencing what some would classify as paranormal activity. Apparently, the faucets in the bathroom have a strange habit of turning on and off by themselves and it’s not just the sinks but the showers, too.

As a former maintenance supervisor for multi-family investment properties, I know that such problems are quite common. Bad faucet seals, washers, and cartridges can fail under line pressure and certainly make it appear the faucet is turning on by itself. But, are the claims caused by a plumbing failure? Maybe, maybe not.

In addition to noticing that some faucets seem to be running all on their own, some residents of the dorm have said they’ve often heard the tell-tale sound of someone washing their hands at one of the basins and, of course, there’s never anyone there to account for the noise.

Could the first-floor bathroom in the west wing of Carter Hall be haunted?

If you have any information on potentially strange events going on inside Carter Hall, please comment below or send us a private message!

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