An Encounter At Mansion View Inn

Photo Credit: Melissa*

An Encounter At Mansion View Inn
Toledo, Ohio

One of the best parts about running Haunted Toledo is reading the stories people send in regarding their encounters with local legends and locations.

I enjoy hearing about readers’ experiences, and I love it when they allow me to share their tales with the rest of you! This particular account comes from a resident of Toledo’s very historic, and very haunted, Old West End. We’ll call her Melissa*.

Over the past weekend, Melissa and her daughter spent a day walking the Old West End, taking photographs of the houses and architecture for a school project.

When they came upon the famed Mansion View Inn, they couldn’t help but take a closer look at the impressive home. Knowing that it was currently empty, they had no fear of disturbing its occupants as they stepped on to the spacious porch and cupped their hands to the windows in an effort to see inside.

Photo Credit: Melissa*

Built in the latter half of the 19th Century, Mansion View was first home to the prominent Reynolds family and, then, a few decades later to the Secor family.

Over the years it has seen life as an apartment building, a strip motel, and a bed and breakfast before being gifted to the Old West End in 1999. It was shortly thereafter that the strange tales of haunting activity began to make its way out into public conversation.

Visitors and guests to Mansion View would often report hearing disembodied whispering coming from out of the many darkened rooms in the house. Others claimed to have heard the sound of laughter emanating from the front parlor. And, still others, say they’ve come face to face with Mansion View’s resident ghost, the apparition of a woman in Victorian-era dress.

Apparently, even though Mansion View sits empty today, the strange activity is has come to be known for has not diminished much.

As they stood on the porch last weekend, each one wondering what the house might look like on the inside, Melissa’s daughter, on a whim, reached out with a single finger and pressed the doorbell.

Nothing happened. The telltale chime they were both expecting to hear failed to sound.

As mother and daughter stepped off the porch and made their way back down the front walk, the tolling of a doorbell began to echo back to them from inside the house. And, beneath it, the unmistakable soft melody of someone singing.

The singing seemed to follow behind as they reached the main sidewalk along Collingwood Boulevard. A gentleman from the neighborhood was passing by and noticed the expressions of shock and disbelief on their faces. Seeing as they were standing in front of the famed Mansion View Inn, he could only assume what brought the pair to such a state and offered the first piece of advice that came to mind.

“The voices don’t seem to bother you as much over there,” he said while gesturing to the other side of the street.

Did Melissa and her daughter experience an encounter with the phantom lady of Mansion View? Just how active has she been inside this historic home? And, will we ever know her story?

*Melissa is not her real name.

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