3 Strange Tales From Shelby, Ohio

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The beautiful town of Shelby, Ohio and the surrounding area is home to three fascinating tales of the strange and unknown. If you’re in the area, might I suggest a road trip? You never know what supernatural spectacles may be waiting!

The Crying Bridge

I’m told there is a bridge on Geisinger Road, just outside of Shelby. It is on this bridge that local legend say an entire Amish family met their tragic demise.

As the story goes, if you walk on to this bridge at night and stand quietly in the center, you will hear the crying of a baby, the youngest of the Amish family who was killed on this bridge.

Green Eyes Cemetery

On the site of the former St. Paul’s Psychiatric Hospital, there is a cemetery that is so haunted few will dare to set foot in it after dark. Legend has it that a large, supernaturally-charged dog wanders the cemetery and will chase all who happens across its path. Some say the canine spectre chases trespassers out of the cemetery while others maintain it will chase you towards it! And, if you manage to outsmart the hellhound, there is said to be something even more hideous waiting to spring upon unsuspecting visitors.

As the story goes, wanderers have claim an unearthly presence prowls among the cemetery stones, an entity with glowing, emerald eyes. It is said that when this phantom locks eyes with you, you’ll be able to hear the horrific screams of those who are buried here – the insane patients of the St. Paul’s Psychiatric Hospital!

The Sugar Shack

Does the town of Shelby have its own version of the Blair Witch?

At the ‘S’-curve on Shelby Ganges there is forest of maple trees that were once regularly tapped for their syrup back in the day. As the story goes, four explorers went in to those woods one night long ago and came upon an old shack that appeared to date back to the 19th Century and the days of the pioneers. No one fully knows what happened when they walked into the old building, but only one person walked out of those woods the next morning. He raved insanely about being chased through the woods by a “murderous horde” before being sedated and committed to a psychiatric facility.

Local legend say it is in these patch of woods was the scene of a bloody massacre that happened when this part of Ohio was first being settled.

His three friends, nor the shack they stumbled upon, have ever been found.

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